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Posada Playa Medinastarstarstarstarstarstarstar superior

56 km from Carúpano between Rio Caribe & San Juan de las Galdonas, Playa Medina, Sucre, 6164, Venezuela
Mobile: +58 414-3320080, Telephone: +58 212-2842015
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Posada Playa Medina in the Gulf of Paria - Sucre State in Venezuela.

A 7-star accommodation, quality of care, beauty, geographical space, landscapes, meals, and activities.

Located in what is for me one of the 3 best beaches in Venezuela amidst a coconut farm owned by Corpomedina. Here it is not hot nor cold but with an ideal temperature in which is someone who does not have to wear a shirt.

8 cottages with 2 floors and 2 bedrooms, nicely designed in distribution, a restaurant where they offer all inclusive plan

There was a slogan saying. If there is paradise must be in Playa Medina..

Because the truth that is as close to! paradise. It`s an inn that is exactly opposite the beach. You open the door of your cabin and you find a few meters with a spectacular beach and delicious. Obviously prices are high -but be happy with the environment that you find here.

When you stay at Posada Playa Medina immediately enters into communion with nature because it is nothing more and nothing less that a beautiful bay full 600 meter length of coconut trees will provide shade and delicious climate.

In the Bay of Medina you will find an exuberance of emerald palm trees that demarcate a perfect line reflected against the sea.

In the evening you will be charmed by the penetrating light that blurs all colors that heaven gives us every afternoon and at night you can sleep peacefully listening to the gentle lapping waves. Really Posada Playa Medina is a wonderful experience you will never forget.


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General & Area activities

The best beach in Venezuela

Check in - Check out times

15:00 - 12:00 hs

Driving directions

HOW TO GET There: Located in the Paria Peninsula, Sucre State, 56 km Carupano, including Rio Caribe and San Juan de las Galdonas.

By car: From Caracas take the road to the East. After spending Mochima will arrive in Cumana and from there to Carúpano, where the Paria Peninsula begins. The approximate time is 8 hours. From Puerto La Cruz,begin the journey along the coast, with spectacular views, this path is curved, the route is paved with presence of speeders, mostly from Cumana.

Once in Carúpano continues the tour Total 56 km along the coast, past the Morro de Puerto Santo, reaching Rio Caribe, where we have the last service station and gasoline supply. Continue the tour,from Rio Caribe Playa Medina, for a total of 26 kilometers, from this point, passing the towns of Guayaberos, Chacaracual, until you reach the next intersection, the left side of the road you will find the Licorería Plan IV, from this point to Playa Medina itself is 11 kms.

bus From Caracas, can take Rodovías sleeper buses that will take eight hours to the city of Carupano,where you can hire a taxi to the inn (the approximate cost per trip to the inn is between 300-400 bolivars)

The terminal Rodovias is located in the city of Caracas, Avenida Libertador Amador Bendayan Boulevard, Sector Santa Rosa de Quebrada Honda,A 100 Mts. . Metro Station College of Engineering

. Note: We recommend you bring enough warm because the units have air conditioning at very low temperatures

By plane From Margarita (Porlamar): The LRA Company offers daily flights in small air planes.

Margarita Island these are called tapaditos, are boats that cover this route anchoring at Pier Chacopata, an hour and a half of Carupano. Once in Chacopata must continue the tour buses carts by post or arriving in Carupano.


Airport Cumana

Other transport

Transport Delta Hector -from Cuamana or Maturin please add an extra in when you reserve ...

Policies & disclaimers

Responsibilities: Tourism & Travel Venezuela responsible for contracts and agreements with its customers in providing all web services. Similarly no responsibility for wars, strikes, delays, fires, accidents and their consequences, epidemics, destruction of machinery, acts of government, theft, looting or any other cause beyond the company,as well as accidents involving sub contracted services or delays or cancellations in flights and commercial airline connections. The company is not liable for the consequences arising from the use or possession of narcotic or psychotropic substances in our programs and services. Documentation: The tourist should bring their identification documents and visa consularif problems occur by default passport or lack of consular visa,the company is not liable for the costs incurred by the delay or total loss of the contracted services. Refund for cancellation by the tourist: One hundred percent (100%) 30 days before the date of commencement of services. Seventy-five percent (75%) 15 days before the date of commencement of services. Fifty percent (50%) until a week before the start of services. Twenty-five percent (25%) until 72 hours before the start of the service No refunds within 72 hours and the service starts. It applies once it has received written cancellation. No refunds in case of No Show,inadequate travel documents, leaving the tour at any of their time or services by the traveler voluntarily not used. In case of rain or bad weather or any reason of force majeure that could endanger the safety of tourists in danger, the company reserves the right to modify, without the tourist is entitled to claim or recover any. Claims: All claims must be submitted in writing to our office,within the period in which it is providing the service and / or treat directly with the operator who is providing the service. Once completed the service is completed and accepted.

Posada Playa Medina

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Posada Playa Medina 2016-06-16 01:16:45 Henrik
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Henrik Reviewed by Henrik    June 15, 2016
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Best Beach in Venezuela

With Jungle into the Sea

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Room # Type Max person Room Name Floor Smoking Disabled access?
CABAÑA CON AIRE ACONDICIONADO: Capacidad máxima para 6 personas, son de dos niveles. En el piso superior cuentan con una habitación con aire acondicionado, cama matrimonial, closet y baño. En el primer nivel, el comedor, la sala con un sofá cama, una habitación con dos camas individuales, ventilador, closet, baño y agua caliente. Cabaña 6 CABAÑA CON AIRE ACONDICIONADO: Capacidad máxima para 6 personas, son de dos niveles. En el piso superior cuentan con una habitación con aire acondicionado, cama matrimonial, closet y baño. En el primer nivel, el comedor, la sala con un sofá cama, una habitación con dos camas individuales, ventilador, closet, baño y agua caliente. No Yes
CABAÑA CON VENTILADOR: Capacidad máxima para 3 personas, son de un sólo ambiente. Tienen  agua caliente, ventilador, 1 baño, closet y porche compartido con 2 hamacas Cabaña 3 CABAÑA CON VENTILADOR: Capacidad máxima para 3 personas, son de un sólo ambiente. Tienen agua caliente, ventilador, 1 baño, closet y porche compartido con 2 hamacas No Yes
Tariff name Room/property type Valid from Valid til  
Precio por persona Cabaña 8th Jan 2015 8th Jan 2025 $80   Per person per night  
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