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Venezuela is a country blessed by its geographic position, the visitor has the option to travel thousands of kilometers of coastline, white sand, beautiful beaches that invite relaxation and enjoyment.
Venezuelan regions frequented by both local and foreign fans to practice fishing are varied. The fresh waters of its rivers,brackish and salty coastal strip all the ideal environment to serve the boat in small or large ships, depending on the area and number of people.

From the Barlovento region, specifically in Higuerote, leave the ships bound for Cape areas Elbow and chuspa. For these murky waters is low and frequent fishing shad,and large specimens of barracuda (in shallow coral). These fish tend to a great job, as they give great leaps out of the water to try to get rid of the hook.
Morrocoy National Park serves as an exit for the Turtle Island, outside Bajo Grande and the deep waters off the state of Aragua. In these regions usually plentiful mackerel, a fish easy catch but offers considerable resistanceaddition to the high speed at which the shoal moves, for which we must be prevented. On the shores of Aroa, compared to Falcon State, copies can be found up to 20 kg.
By around the Farallon Centinela and northern cay Morrocoy, the species is found pretty,usually located in coastal areas of clear water and offshore. These fish often used as bait for other larger as kingfish and sailfish.
A sought-after species is the king mackerel fish that can be seen in Turtle Island and Morrocoy, can weigh 25 Kg. It's a real trophy sport fishing, being a difficult prey to capture,sensitive to take the bait (as it tears easily) and can jump over 8 meters above water.
Los Roques is one of the preferred choices for many, to be one of the top ten spots in the world (universally recognized) for sport fishing. Here adventurous fans may provide arduous fights mainly with copies of bonefish (bonefish)barracuda and tuna. In the archipelago there are different places that offer courses for sport fishing equipment and boats equipped for this service.
Very close to the capital city, in the port of La Guaira, is an area that is home to four species purported to over fishing, which are the blue marlin (Blue Marlin), white marlin (Black Marlin)the black marlin (White Marlin) and sailfish (Sailfish). All species of the needle are highly coveted by the difficulty of its capture, because they are animals that develop faster speeds to try to escape. In the competitive category known as Grand Slam, can be fished all year these four fish.
The Trail of Pavón
While in Venezuela is very helpful saltwater fishing,in the rivers there is also a species that dominates and has a lot of followers, peacocks, undisputed kings of the sweet shores. The Orinoco, Venezuela's most important river features along its 2,150 kilometers, with a wide variety of fish species (approximately 3,500). One is the peacock,native to the fresh waters of South America. They are known to Americans as peacock bass fishing because of its beautiful and colorful cheerful. It is usually very sought after by foreign fans who come in close to the seasons December to claim the catch.

The peacock is often also inhabit rivers and calm water ponds or reservoirs, such as the Laguna de Tacarigua,Camatagua Reservoir and the Guri Dam. Venezuela has a wide range of seas, rivers, lakes and reservoirs suitable for this sport, that maximizes the adrenaline, is a vital source of motivation, sharing moments of triumph among friends and exalts the virtues of a country, has a lot of natural resources that astonished those who venture to know.
There are also excellent dive sites,do snorkeling and enjoy the natural wonders that exist in Venezuela. Venezuela Fishing and Bone Fishing

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Best fishing in the Caribbean

There are no other place in the Caribbean where you can make a Gran Slam every day, anytime in the year, and only 35 minutes front the shore.

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