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Of the 9,799 known bird species on the planet, more than 33% are found in South America and of this percentage, Venezuela owns 44%. This places us as the sixth largest country in bird diversity in the global scope. Although it is amazing bird watching is gaining importance in the economies of many countries around the world. About 20 million Americans have this activity as a hobby and CanadaEngland and Denmark also have a growing number of fans. What bioturista chasing a bird watcher? In principle, increase your Life List is simply the ratio of the bird species observed throughout his life.

This record is taken with great care and precision:

The place, date and other relevant information as the ecosystem in which the bird was seen, climatic conditions is noted,etc. Second, enjoy the wilderness areas that provide habitat for different species of birds:

Attractiveness of great importance in Venezuela,Thanks to the extraordinary diversity of scenery we have. Birdwatching is only part of the enjoyment that bioturistas do in their daily activities, studying becomes a great contribution to our knowledge of biodiversity.

Recommendations to Birdwatching.

The best times for viewing are early morning and late afternoon,times when birds are foraging or sleeping sites. One way to observe them is to find a secluded spot where you can sit and confuse the vegetation. So you can wait a while and see how they appear to you countless birds.

Yes,for this you need to have patience! Outputs are always recommended in small groups of people. This will facilitate better coordination and communication among participants. We must take into account several aspects not to disturb the birds while we observe, our dress is to be discreet and avoid using bright colors as this frightens birds. Do not scream,nor make much noise. Your movements should be stealthy. Look carefully where you step and do not run after them. Do not touch or go near their nests too. The basic tools are a pair of binoculars or binoculars, a field guide that allows you to identify local birds and small to record data on the observed bird book: date, place,habitat type and what you consider important. You can draw some basic characteristics of the bird to aid identification.

Where Does It Go?

In Venezuela almost anywhere is good for bird watching, but if we want to develop this activity in a systematic way, areas would be recommended:

In Caracas and its vicinity: El Avila National Park, Turgua,Colonia Tovar and Mirandinos Altos. The Henri Pitter National Park, Aragua State, is one of the most privileged areas. It has over 500 recorded bird species, so that birders are guaranteed over 200 different birds in three-day visit.

There are two ways to visit this park: the locality near (Rancho Grande) and Choroni. In both you can enjoy the cloud forestmountain rivers and beaches. In Los Llanos Conservationists are numerous Herds (Masaguaral, Piñero, Cedral, El Frio, streets, etc.), especially in the states of Apure and Cojedes.

In the Eastern Region, National Parks Paria Peninsula in Sucre and El Guácharo State in Monagas Stateoffer unique opportunities to observe endemic species such as the hummingbird earwig (Hylonympha macrocerca) and one of the largest colonies of Guácharos (Steatornis caripensis) of Venezuela opportunities.

On Amazon there are several camps in Ventuari River Valley. In the Guayana Region, Canaima National Park is a destination and Imataca Forest Reserve.

The Orinoco Delta and the Archipelago of Los Roques. In the Region of Los Andes,Merida is presented as the best option.

Here the places with the greatest potential for bird watching are the Sierra Nevada National Park (Mucubají sectors and La Mucuy) and the Sierra National Park The Head. Chorley

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