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Fishing Pavon



The Pavones are close relatives of tilapia, it is a genus of fish abundant in Africa and one of the best known in ancient Egypt and the most commonly fished in the waters of Judea in the days of Christ. The Pavones fish are very sought after by gourmets the world and North American fishing associations and Canadians had to Venezuela as one of the favorite destinations for this sport (Peacock Bass fishing),various presidents of the United States came to Venezuela for fishing.

Some television programs, including one from the National Geographic Society, have occurred in the country with these beautiful fish as protagonists. The Pavones are carnivorous fish eat other fish, shrimp, snails, insects,They are voracious and usually coexist with Caribbean fish who in some cases have even controlled. They are aggressive in nature and river fish are the most battle gives fishermen, larger ones can weigh up to 27 Lbs., So it requires strength and skill to master. Furthermore, according to experts, is intelligent,decipher the point of capture strategies and the need exists to use different types of hooks and patience.

When spawning Pavones occurs, these back flows to its headwaters or to morichales, is the most fragile time of these animals and the greater protection warrants generally do so from February to May, during breeding new members males will get a bump on the head,kind of hammer with which to attack other male intruders.

They are very susceptible to capture fish parasitic nematodes especially abundant in contaminated reservoirs and can easily wipe out the entire population. The Pavones can be "planted" as their cousins ​​tilapia, and in fact, in the 60s, many reservoirs were stocked these fish under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment; above, only the wealthy people, with planes,they could reach the remote places where they were Pavones. The Pavones have a high commercial value for its delicious meat, also attracts tourism both nationally and internationally, especially fishing and would be a real disgrace that this species suffered a setback in one of their most important natural habitats in the world. Amazon Fishing

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Fishing Pavon
Fishing Pavon


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