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The Best Country in the World



I've been watching more TV here in Venezuela in recent days (I got tired of seeing it at some point) and I have to say that finally, Globovision, Venevision, and Televen, three private broadcasters seem to be reporting fairly objectively.

However, its editorial and news talk shows ... similar to some recent Washington PostBBC and other U.S. media articles and editorials ... still openly anti-Chavez and pro-USA and the facts of manipulation, distortion in favor of the anti-Chavez beating ... allege that Chavez is encouraging terrorism, Chavez is a communist, Chavez is allowing the infiltration of members of the FARC, Chavez is a dictator, Chavez must be expelled, people are sabotaging Chavez refineriesChavez's government is supporting terrorists ... Chavez and Chavez that this cell.

Your ad appears back to normal, however, still spend a few opposition-sponsored ads (paid for by whom?) Calling people out on the streets. The next "run" is scheduled for next Saturday, March 7,and advertisements include the following calls:

"... All Venezuelans take to the streets ... Highway in Chacao ... march against political oppression ... against terrorism court ... for our freedom and democracy ... in support of those who are persecuted for political reasons ... you have the right to demand freedom and democracy for his country ... "

The more I see these ads,seem to contain more American style rhetoric against terrorism, for freedom, for our country, democracy, etc. In addition, the increase in the use of the word terrorism by individuals from the opposition began after the bombing of Colombia embassies and consulates and Spanish a few days ago. (Note that Chavez has been using the word "terrorism" for the week ... to describe the attempt of the opposition,without the consciousness to the destruction of Venezuela ... and in my opinion, correctly).

For months, the opposition tried (and still trying) to link Chavez to people like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi ... biological weapons. Now they are trying to link to the FARC. Chavez also accused of being a communist because of his close relations with Fidel Castro, but it was not Carlos Andrés Pérez,close to Fidel Castro somehow too?

I speak of these things to bring to see the other side of Venezuela.

Expensive restaurants are full, the banks are open, some "money exchange" are open. Even with all the talk of food shortages,seems to me there are plenty. Manufacturers are working in the industrial area of ​​the neighborhood where I am. Everything seems to be back to normal (except for the continuation of the marches and demonstrations of opposition supporters, including blocking the main streets of Caracas).

However, talking to the people here in the neighborhood,Obviously many are struggling. The economy was transferred to the ground by the incessant opposition attempts to overthrow Chavez by paralyzing the country ... and many people lost their jobs, including some of my friends.

But ... there is an upside.

Many people are realizing that now is a good time to start a business, to be creative,to find new ways to make money ... and it may not be so dependent on one employer paying a paltry minimum wage.

It has helped the opposition to open the eyes of the middle class in Venezuela?

Venezuela has all the basics and talent to produce what they want (instead of importing 60-70% of consumer goods, including food). Venezuela has oil, gold, precious stones, aluminum, mineral,and a large undeveloped agricultural capacity.

Now is probably the best time to start new businesses.

Venezuela may be "the best country in the world." For readers who have not been to Venezuela,I recommend you come to visit and disregard the negative press that some of the "international media" and the Venezuelan anti-Chavez media is spreading.

In a recent telephone survey of Globovision (the largest anti-Chavez TV station) viewers were asked to answer the following question: "What is the main problem in Venezuela right now?"

The answers:

1) Unemployment 14,0%

2) insecurity (and personal safety) 5.7%

3) 76.0% Political situation

4) The cost of living 4.3%

These responses are almost exclusively anti-Chavez opposition for the People! The same people who are spreading all sorts of horrible rumors about the "dangers", "terrorism""Kidnappings" and "human rights violations" allegedly a visitor find in Venezuela.

Venezuela has the mountains (Andes), lakes, plains, jungles, beaches and islands of the Caribbean, Orinoco river, waterfalls and deserts.

No dry heat, moist heat, cold weather, cold weather, snow.

There are crocodiles, boas, snakes of all kinds, capybaras, monkeys, lots of parrots, eagles, vultures,dolphins and piranhas.

You can go paragliding in the Andes, river rafting, parachute,Helicopter trips to Angel Falls (the highest falls in the world) and the tepuis ... it may take 4-5 days tour in the jungles of the Amazon and live with the Indians ... you can be in the resorts notch in Margarita Island and Los Roques or rent cheap "Posadas" in small fishing villages along the Caribbean.

In Merida you can take a spectacular trip on the longest cable car in the world (if I remember correctly 11 to 12 km. De longitude).

Venezuela has everything ... but above all ... Venezuelans.

Venezuelans are kind,joyful, family oriented, resources and proud people.

Families caring for their elderly at home ... kids and adults party together ... music is everywhere.

For me ... and for many people who emigrated to Venezuela ... and for many Venezuelan ... Venezuela is "the best country in the world."


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