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Los Llanos



Los Llanos is a region of Venezuela that is full of wildlife and more. We went on a safari in Hato El Cedral, a 130,000-acre cattle ranch in the middle of the Llanos - Venezuela core of the seemingly endless flood plains of rivers, marshes and meadows. The plains fizzed with wildlife, aquatic life dense flocks. But hidden somewherewas the mother of them all: the giant anaconda.
Los Llanos covers almost one-third of Venezuela - an amazing 240,000 square miles. It's kind of surreal Norfolk without cruise cabin.
Tales of the almost mythical and size - as much as 20 feet long. anaconda had fired our imagination. Los Llanos, the Plains Cowboys, describe how the monsters devour all cattle with a single bite,after the first poisoning with lethal gas.
But was our Lebsky sent increased levels of anxiety. He told our small group - which included a French family, and Sara and Antonio, a young sympathetic Bologna - hunters who had killed a huge anaconda in the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela the previous month,open reduction in the body of a man was found.
I preferred to concentrate in the diet of the anaconda predilections as I scrambled down the levee Lebsky to join in the pool. They are partial capybaras and deer - to push, and slowly suffocate through digest throat relaxed - and can survive for months between meals. "I hope you find one that has eaten," Antonio said,biologist food hygiene.
Lebsky was right. A huge female anaconda was coiled asleep in the shallows of the pool (the females are the Amazons of the animal world, increased five times the size of their male counterparts).
Casting aside their wellies, Lebsky and our driver, Victor, dotted around the boggy ground and did the anaconda fight. It was like a cheesy scene from an episode of Tarzanonly the snake had momentarily forgotten the script. She had seen it coming, and had begun to fall in the pool of muddy water. She was no match, however, for our dynamic duo. Lebsky had a firm grip behind your head and your tummy Victor dealt with in the lower part of his body began to coil strength.
They needed an extra pair of hands, which turned out to be mine,as the Italian couple who are changing cinema and the French contingent refused to leave the truck. I grabbed your skin with soap and soon several tightly wrapped around my forearm loops sports.
I eventually got his tail wedge under my armpit, and deployed as a flaky 14ft anaconda Pennant. His strength is impressive,the convulsive tremors surging through his body were palpable.
It is impossible not to admire her. Despite the tricky issue of curses depth white-pink of his mouth color, we have to examine closely its beautiful olive oil brands ringed with bands of yellow cream dots that resemble fake eyes. Their average crowd, but not with the remains of some macabre meal - she was pregnant,and young people who will soon take up to 75 live.
Given his condition, arms and exhausting, we released her back to the pool and yet worse for her ordeal, she skulked beneath the lily pads.
We returned to the house for lunch. Guests stay in a cigar that back to the main compound pens. The comfortable cabins are shaded by an almost continuous canopy of Ceiba and mango trees,and grouped around a central pool and dressed in crisp white dining table.
Cook bell summoned us promptly. The beef is served at every meal: strips for breakfast, meat for lunch, dinner Bourguignon. But what else would one expect? It was a working ranch, and that kept the prairie 17,000 cattle were authentic jeans.
Ownership of Rockefeller in the 1950s,the ranch opened to tourists about 13 years ago. The abundance of wildlife is due to the rugged sandy landscape and a cattle industry that few land claims. There are 1,200 anacondas at the ranch, the avifauna is possibly the best in South America, and the rare and widely sought Orinoco crocodiles are making a tentative recovery.
After organizing a mini-rebellion in the perspective of further beef,Lebsky suggested that fish our dinner. Near the resort boarded a motor launch and soon skimming along the silvery channels between the islands of grassland that had been abandoned by the winter rains.
As drifting near the river banks, the turtles belly-flop into the water and sometimes the shallows heaved herons, ibis, spoonbills and herons. In banks alligators glasses, a species of crocodile,hit static poses - jaws agape, offering only minimal threat.
Victor soon landed the nose of the boat on a sandbar and fishing. The quarry piranhas.
Known as Caribs - meaning flesh-eaters - they are a rich source of popular food. On cue, Victor produced the bait - a tender cut of beef.
He was the first to land. The piranhas are bigger than I expected, the size of a plate,with different apricot halves and silver. They were lean and bony, so you need to catch several of each to make a decent meal. That was no problem as the water bubbled around the boat before.
Guests proved inept fishermen, the only bites we got were opportunistic mosquitoes. Fortunately Lebsky Victor and saved the day.
Dinner secure,they returned home just as the sun was losing his enthusiasm for the day. Very close to the colossal snakes, crocodiles eat meat and fish has added some of this magical place. They say that in this region that if you stare hard enough you can see the curve of the earth. In the Plains, I felt that nothing could be possible.

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Los Llanos


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