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The capital of Venezuela formerly known as the Federal District, today is known as the Capital District and is located in north central Venezuela, not far from the Caribbean coast, and their territories comprising the metropilitana area where it is based the public authorities, offices of international organizations, financial conglomerates,political and legal then branch out across the country.

Caracas, as the rest of the capitals of Latin America has a strong social constrate. Due to the oil boom many internal migration, a large number of people came to the big cities and the Capital District originated in search of better economic conditions, housing,health and education for their families. In Caracas can show a marked social difference, seeing an elegant residence, denoting an awesome neighbor and one internal opulence serpentiante neighborhood that crowns the summit of a hill, with many ranches (improvised dwellings made from scrap or block) the distance that resembles a swarm of houses clustered almost by force,but are part of a great economic and social difference but both sides are part of this huge city that loves its natural beauties cultural, architectural, and its inhabitants, which are characterized by an overwhelming joy.
While the large urban area of ​​this district there are green areas, there are still areas in virgin,to preserve the Venezuelan state has created institutions that keep watch over and care for. so that some parks have been created for conservation. Among the parks that are worth visiting to remember is the Avila National Park, which includes the highest mountain in the region, Naiguatá Peak, which reaches 2765 meters of altitude. From its peak as the other peaks of the park (Pico El Ávila,East and West Pico Pico) offers a magnificent panorama on one side the sea, with its beautiful turquoise, and secondly in view of the entire city of Caracas.

Macarao National Park extending into the nearby state of Miranda, to see inside Camp Cold Water. The Valley of The Interpretation Macarao Two Agüitas routeLos Pinos Park and the ruins of old farms growing coffee. Other green areas that can not be missed in the Capital District are: Botanic Park Calvary the Zoo Parque El Pinar Vinicio Adames Park Zoo Caricuao Caobos Park East Park Garden,,,,,, and.

Obviously, the territory of the Capital District has many attractions that offer a varied artistic point of view,historical and cultural. Among the various possibilities of access are the Church of San Francisco, the Cathedral of Caracas, Plaza de San Jacinto, the Palace of the Academies, Boliva Square, City Hall and the Federal Legislative Palace, the Dock San Jacinto,House Parish Church San Francisco and cultural buildings of the National Library and the Municipal Theatre of Caracas.

The best time to pay a visit to these lands is between December and May, because it is the rainy season and the atmosphere is cool,spring unlike the months of July to November where high temperatures and heat would be uncomfortable for some city tours predominate. If you are making trips to the mountain, we recommend comfortable clothing, and do not forget a coat or jacket for the cold,because in the night on the mountain the temperature drops a few degrees.

To get to take a flight to Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport which is located on the coast near the city of Maiquetia. From there you can use public transportation or rent a car to move by road to the capital.

Recommended before embarking on a road trip have handy map and information on the route,watch for the signs to avoid inconvenience and lose the right path to the selected hotel for your stay in Venezuela. It is also important not to make visits to popular areas, in some of these neighborhoods especially at the periphery have a high level of crime,if carriage rides in caution in traffic lights because they are common attacks and robberies in semáforos.tenga caution but do not let fear stop you from knowing the beauties Venezuela preserved in every corner of its national territory. Hotels in Caracas and Pernotaziones


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