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The Peninsula of Araya



Araya is arid and dry, is also world famous for its salt mines and has a great tourism potential with its beautiful beaches and the old Spanish fortress located along its beaches.

The fastest way to reach Araya is taking a small boat or bay known as Tapaíto, from the city of Cumana,which are approximately 70 km

It was discovered by Pedro Alonso Nino and Cristobal Guerra in 1599 and subsequently founded in 1630 to build the castle-fortress, the history of the Araya community is closely related to the strength and salt.

To the outskirts of the town and its castle Araya two eminent scientists who visited the Venezuelan territory in the colonial period came,the first one Swedish Pehr Löfling who was the first to properly scientific descriptions of wildlife and wildlife Venezuelan and introduces the microscope in the country. On April 8, 1754 from the ship which came to Venezuela, I anchored off the peninsula of Araya,characteristic study phenomenon bioluminescence marine area. The second of these eminent scientists is Baron Alexander von Humboldt who in his tour of the country begins an expedition to the peninsula of Araya on August 19, 1799. It visits the ruins of the castle of Araya and conduct studies, astronomical, geographical, geological,zoological and botanical like Löfling studies the phenomenon of bioluminescence of the waters of the region.

Although the Castillo de Araya stopped having defensive functions on the peninsula on January 6, 1762,Salinas continued to be exploited by individuals in 1872 until they were acquired by the Venezuelan government under President Antonio Guzmán Blanco. In the late 50s of the twentieth century was the scene of the documentary directed by Margot Benacerraf Araya.

The October 31, 1960 during the administration of President Romulo Betancourt, the castle was declared a national historic monument under Official Gazette No. 2,639,515.

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The Peninsula of Araya


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