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Hours - Most businesses are open between 8am and 9am, and close between 5 and 6pm. Many businesses and shops close for an hour or more for lunch, that between noon and 2:30 pm. On Saturday, most shops are open, banks, government institutions and officials permanenecen closed. On Sunday,stores in large shopping centers or malls are open all day. Most banks are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, however, banks and exchange offices in several major shopping centers are open during business hours,which often includes the early evenings and weekends.

Physicians and Dentists - Medical and dental care is of acceptable quality in Venezuela. If you need medical care during their stay in the country you need urgent medical attention, contact your embassy, ​​ask at your hotel,or consult major newspapers that have a medical guide that will help to solve your problem.

Drug Laws - Venezuela has strict laws on the sale, consumption, trafficking and distribution of narcotics and drugs, punishment, especially for foreigners,is serious. Do not try to move or smuggle drugs in his visit to Venezuela.

Electricity - The electrical current is 110 volts AC (60 cycles). Style flat prong plugs are used. However,three legs are no outlets universally available land. It is useful for a period from three to two prong adapter.

Politics - In Caracas: Germany, Australia, Avenida Luis Roche, between 6th and 7th Cross, Altamira (tel .: 0212 / 261-0658), Canada, and Francisco de Miranda Avenues South, Altamira (tel .: 0212 / 264-0833;, New Zealand, KPMG Tower, 7th floor,Av Francisco de Miranda, Chacao (tel .: 0212 / 277-7965), UK, Torre La Castellana, Principal of La Castellana Avenue, 11th Floor (tel .: 0212 / 263-8411, fax:. 0212 / 267-1275 ,, and the United States, and F streets Suapure, Colinas de Valle Arriba (tel .: 0212 / 975- 6411, fax: 0212 / 975-8991; ve).

Emergencies - Venezuela has been integrated to a network emergency (police, fire,ambulances). To achieve this, you must dial # 171 - You can dial 171 from any phone, without using a phone card. Do not have bilingual operators.

Internet Access - There Internet (cyber cafes) throughout Venezuela,particularly in tourist destinations. Rates from $ 1 - $ 3) per hour.

Language - Spanish is the official language of Venezuela. Although most hotels and resorts have staff and bilingual guides who help in guiding at least some command of English,that is not spoken in the general population.

Liquor Laws - The official drinking age is 18 years in Venezuela, though rarely enforced.

Police - Venezuela has a body of police, national guards, local police in every state, but with no tourist police department. Depending on the circumstances,You can find Metropolitan Police (Metropolitan Police), municipal police (municipal police), Investigative Police (judicial technical police), the (National Guard) National Guard, or transit police (traffic police). Their uniforms and specific responsibilities vary according to the body to which they belong. Indifferenceinefficiency and corruption are widespread.

Offices / Mail - Ipostel is the national postal service. It is considered safe for quick or correspondence. In general, a letter or postcard takes 10-20 days to reach most of the United States and Europe. There are post offices in most cities and tourist destinations,shopping centers and some even have offices Ipostel. However, the hotel is usually your best bet for buying stamps and mailing a letter. Feel free to send postcards and letters home, but avoid using Ipostel to send things of value or importance.

In case you need to send anything of value or personal importcall any of the following private courier services. DHL (tel .: 0800/0212 or 225-5345 / 205-6000;, FedEx (tel .: 0800 / 463-3399 or 0212/205 -3333; or UPS (tel .: 0212 / 204-1353;

Bathrooms - Public restrooms are available in Venezuela in large shopping centers. Your best bet is a restaurant,hotel or gas station. Some establishments (including service stations and roadside restaurants) charge a small fee for use of the facilities. It's always a good idea to carry a small amount of toilet paper with you, especially on the road,facilities as many service stations - and the low-end restaurants and hotels usually have no toillet paper users.

Security - Venezuela has developed a reputation for violence and crime, much of that reputation is true. The Caraqueños talk of muggings, car thefts and robberies with astonishing franknessregularly and naturally. The greatest danger to travelers is theft. If you use common sense and standard precautions, you should have no problems. Keep a tab on your belongings, use of hotel safes, whenever possible, and do not carry large sums of money with you, obviouslynot wear expensive jewelry or clothing. Meets minimum safety rules sights of Caracas and other major cities. Avoid visiting popular areas or slums. Take taxis whenever possible and definitely avoid walks around cities at night. If you have a rental car,always leave in secure parking and never leave anything of value inside the vehicle inside.

Taxes - There is a 12% VAT on all purchases,both goods and services. There is an airport departure tax of ($ 35).

Phone and Fax - Pay phones are everywhere most major cities and tourist destinations. You may even find payphones in remote places like Los Roques and Canaima. Cards to make calls are readily available in stores across the country. You can find them where you see the ads for the national telephone company CANTV. A local call costs (2 ¢ -4 ¢) per minute. Calls to cell phones or between mobile phone companies can be much more expensive. Your hotel is usually your best option for sending and receiving faxes.

Time zone - Venezuela having 4,5 hours less than Greenwich time Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and observe DST.

Tips - Some restaurants automatically add a 10% service charge. If you feel the service was particularly good, you should leave an additional 5% to 10%. Since most taxi drivers do not use a meter, which indicates the value of the race or distance,is important to know a little price to pay not only for ignoring excess fees, if the service is excellent and friendly, polite and honest taxi driver may leave a tip of your choice.

Water - Although water is considered safe to drink in most urban areas,visitors are advised to drink bottled or mineral water to avoid stomach upsets. We recommend ordering mineral water (non carbonated).

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