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During colonial times the current territory of Falcon state was part of the former province of Venezuela, or as it is also known for a time, Province of Coro Coro for being the first capital of the province of the Spanish Empire in America. Then, by leaving the capital Caracas, the territory becomes part of the Province of Caracas or Venezuela Province as a subordinate city.
In 1811 declared the Independence of Venezuela,Coro remains faithful to the Spanish Crown and is fused to the Province of Maracaibo, until it is decreed by Fernando VII the creation of the province of Coro in 1815. Finally, in 1821 to be released by Josefa Camejo during the struggle for Independence appears as a province of Zulia Department of the Republic of Gran Colombia. In 1830with the separation of Venezuela of this republic is formed into a province.
Falcon state is one of the 24 states of Venezuela, located northwest of the country. Bordered on the north by the Gulf of Venezuela and the Caribbean Sea, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by the Yaracuy and Lara states and to the west by the state of Zulia. He was baptized with that name in honor of Juan Crisostomo Falcon,leader of the Federal War. It has an area of ​​24,800 km ². Waterfront Falcón state, in the Caribbean Sea, are the Leeward group of the Netherlands Antilles: Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. Its capital is Coro, founded on July 26, 1527. North of Coro is Paraguaná peninsula, joined to the mainland by the Isthmus of the Dunes,27 km long and 6 km of ancho.3 The main economic activity of the state is related to the oil industry. Punto Fijo: On the peninsula of two oil refineries Paraguaná large production capacity for export and consumption across the country, as well as the main city in the state are located.
Coro Province in 1840.
In 1856 he confirmed his province category comprises the counties of Coro, San Luis, Casigua,Costa Arriba, Cumarebo and Paraguaná. In 1859, after the events of the initiation of the Federal War that took place on February 20 in Johannesburg, is declared the Independent State of Coro. In 1864 became a federal state member of the United States of Venezuela, was renamed as the confederation. In 1872 he changed the name to Falcon State, after the leader of the Federal War Juan Crisostomo Falcon. In 1879, along with Lara and YaracuyDepartment Nirgua least, he was part of the West North State. Between 1881 and 1890 formed with the Falcon-Zulia Zulia State. Appears again in 1891 as an independent state by the name of Falcon. In 1899 undergoes a name change, recovering for a short period of time its historical designation State Choir, returning in 1901 with the name that is known today.
Falcon is the Venezuelan state has more miles of coastline,therefore fishing has special dimensions. The annual output is 30,471 tons of fish and shellfish landed in the ports of Las Piedras, Carirubana, Puerto Cumarebo, Zazarida, Chichiriviche, and La Vela de Coro, highlighting crustaceans industrialization with extensive presence in the state coast shrimp breeding farms,Mouth and Ricoa and at various points in the Paraguana peninsula.
In Falcón some oil deposits exploited in Mauroa Mene, Media, Painted Man and Tiguaje and natural gas fields in Cumarebo and other nearby areas are recognized. However, the main activities of the oil industry is Paraguaná peninsula where they are installed Amuay and Cardon, both with a capacity of 940,000 barrels of oil,representing 75% of the total refining capacity available to Venezuela. These refineries are fueled by oil and gas through pipelines that come from the Maracaibo Lake basin and a pipeline which is currently under construction in Falcon section providing access to gas fields in the East of the country. Also in the Paraguana peninsula has established a zone free of tourism investment.
Falcon also has mineral deposits to generate basic inputs in industries such as ceramics,fertilizers, energy, chemicals, abrasives, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, painting, among others. Riecito phosphate and limestone in Chichiriviche, which are processed in the cement plant Cumarebo (Holcim Venezuela) are exploited. It also has huge coal deposits in the western area, with proven open to exploitation by the order of 20 million metric tons sky reserves and reserves estimated at 120 million metric tons,in a range of 50,000 hectares. Other minerals in the area include graphite, silicas, limestone, dolomite, phosphate, chromite and marble.
Thanks to the dry and arid climate there are five natural salt and some 220,000 hectares of land suitable for the construction of salt pans spread throughout the territory falconiano surface. Of all the salt only under the industrial exploitation of Las Cumaraguas Salina,the remainder being operated by hand.
Falcon state is located north of the geographical region called Coriano System. It is made by mountain ranges south of medium height set from east to west, in the eastern part of the state reach the Caribbean Sea forming valleys. While the western part,from the city of Coro is a coastal plain that runs parallel to the Gulf of Venezuela. To the north lies one of the most characteristic features that form the Venezuelan coast: Paraguaná peninsula, joined to the mainland by the Isthmus of Los Medanos de Coro.
Foothills of the Sierra de San Luis,in Falcon. The Sierra de San Luis has the maximum height of the entire watershed system of the state, but are very modest and heights that do not exceed 1,600 meters. It has a diverse landscape ranging from coastal plains in the Caribbean side, up ridges formed by valleys and mountains, in an area highlighted transition between the two great mountain systems of the country.


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