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Future Visions Venezuela

Venezuela make it a sustainably competitive tourist destination, drawing on the diversification of natural, social, cultural and human resources, nationally and internationally,in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of the population and the development of the National Tourist System.
Develop and implement plans and strategies to enhance the image of Venezuela as a tourist destination, achieving a change in attitude in the target population, by offering products, services and innovative tourism experiences and qualitymaking the country a territory where dreams are reborn.

General Objective:
Strengthen brand image of Venezuela as a distinct tourist destination, based on the promotion of comparative and competitive advantages, based on strategic planning, implementation of promotional campaigns and dissemination of policies based on the principles of integration, participation, accountability and fairness social,they are applied both nationally and internationally.

Specific Objectives of the campaign:
Doubling the number of international tourists.
Doubling the number of domestic tourists.
Increase tourism revenue.
Increase the number of jobs generated by tourism.
Consolidate a real and positive image of Venezuela based on the principles of integration, participation,responsibility and social equity by making the country a land where dreams are reborn.
Sensitization by tourism service providers to improve the quality of service to make tourism as a major income of the nation.

The Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan is conceived on the model of sustainable development, and under CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES OF TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY,COOPERATION, SOLIDARITY AND RESPONSIBILITY COMPETITION.

The success of this plan depends on the coordination between the various departments and their attached agencies and public and private entities involved, as well as evaluation, continuity, consistency and standardization efforts in promoting a single product: VENEZUELA,which promotion and marketing of products that are designed according to current trends in the global tourism market will be derived.
Tourism Promotion Plan:
The mark as a tourist destination should reflect at the present time the reality of a country experiencing a political process full of colorful, vivid, cheerful and of course change with unique natural goodness in the world.
The country brand in each locality,should reflect the reality of that state full of colorful, solidarity, traditional, historical, respectful, dynamic, diverse, especially cheerful ... and should reflect the regional sense, the adjective, its folklore, its values, its attraction all framed within the spirit of the new promotional image of the tourist Venezuela based on the principles of integration, participation,responsibility and social equity can make the country a territory where dreams are reborn.
The brand is also Venezuela and the products and services that are represented in each state where the different attractions.
Tourism Promotion Plan: Meet Venezuela where dreams are reborn ...
Generate a new and more diversified destination image "Venezuela"with mass media campaigns in positioning ourselves as a multicultural and biodiverse destination where the multiplicity of options and scenarios is what characterizes it.
It's culture is its people, their history, tradition, is miscegenation are values ​​is its cuisine, is beach is mountain's forest, is desert, is urban, is rural, is active, is relaxing, is sports ... is an ideal land where dreams are reborn.
It is a change in the political,is a state that considers its people and freedom of choice of every tourist who wants to live their experiences and dream in a single territory.

Competitors of Venezuela:
A country of all.
The authentic still exists.
A small country,three worlds.
The path less traveled.
Dominican Republic
A whole country of sensations.
Land of the Incas.
Paradise waters.
Costa Rica
No artificial ingredients.
Proposed slogan Venezuela:
Meet Venezuela,where Dreams Reborn.

Because dreams are reborn?
Dreams are reborn in a country experiencing a political process of change governed under the principles of inclusion, participation, accountability and social equity.
Dreams are reborn tourists to discover a country with history, joyous, friendly, caring people,sensitive and warm.
Dreams are reborn tourists to discover a world full of fantastic destinations and country diversity in landscapes: forests, mountains, beaches and desert.
Reborn Bolivar's dream, representado en sus pensamientos que impulsan la unión y la superación de los pueblos.

El desconocimiento de la marca Venezuela en el mercado internacional.
La calidad del servicio turístico.
La señalización turística.
La débil infraestructura.
La carencia de establecimientos hoteleros en muchos destinos turísticos de Venezuela.
La información turística.
La carencia de un sólido sistema tecnológico que permita el control y conocimiento de la actividad.
La alegría y calidez del venezolano como persona.
La variedad cultural y sus bellezas.
El nuevo sistema político y las facilidades otorgadas por el Estado para la creación de empresarios turísticos en el país.
Los patrimonios culturales y naturales de la humanidad.
Maravillosa geografía
Patrimonio cultural
La gran variedad de razas
El crecimiento del mercado turístico internacional.
La ubicación del país.
La conveniente tendencia mundial por el ecoturismo.
La política de Estado.

Es necesario que este slogan este acompañado de imágenes impactantes donde se evidencien los diferentes destinos turísticos (playa,desert, mountain, forest) together with various colors, which resemble what we offer, heat, forms, joy, dynamism.
The proposal made images containing suggests the presence of different mixtures of races, to reflect the representation of the Venezuelan people, history, folklore, traditions, culture and values.
This campaign should be carried out through a strong media plan,to reach the target audience:
"All the people of Venezuela and the Peoples of the World"
Campaign Strategy
What we will promote:
The various tourist destinations, geographic diversity (beach, desert, mountain, forest), the mixing of races, cultural diversity, history, folklore, values,the union of the peoples and all the multiplicity of elements representing Venezuela as biodiverse and multi-active destination.
What we have:
Cultural diversity: music, dance, oral tradition ...
Mixtures of races.
Geographic Location.
Joy, values.
Amazing scenery
Living nature, biodiversity, indigenous peoples.

Stunning scenery: beach, desert, mountains, jungle,sunrises, sea, rivers, springs.
Images of faces of the people in the foreground, gestures.
Mixed breeds: indigenous peoples, Andean population ...
Culture and traditions: celebrations, crafts, dance, drums, Joropo, calypso, merengue, salsa ...
Diversity: ecological, productive Geographic.
Posadas: modest, warm, homelike, quiet.
Taste: arepas, Hallacas, cassava,cachapas ...
Sports and ecotourism.

Promotion actions:
Tourism brand
Web page.
Tourist Information Centres.
Printed promotional material.
POP promotional material
Participation in tourism fairs.
Venezuela Offices abroad.
Travel social tourism.
Public relations
International publicity.

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Future Visions Venezuela

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