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The monetary unit of Venezuela is the Bolivar Fuerte, popularly known as bowling and abbreviated as "B". The Venezuelan national currency comes in various denominations of 5, 10,...
Natural Wonders of Venezuela
Gran Sabana and Roraima: Few countries in the world, except some very large, with the same variety of reliefs on its territory as Venezuela. The tepuis, elevated and...
In Caracas and in the main cities of Venezuela where there are large shopping centers fashion shops, franchise shops, can be obtained from recognized brand jean, to watches,...
General Info
Hours - Most businesses are open between 8am and 9am, and close between 5 and 6pm. Many businesses and shops close for an hour or more for lunch,...
Common ailments - Your chances of getting any tropical disease in Venezuela are scarce,with complete health security can visit the main tourist destinations in Venezuela. The most...
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