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Venezuela Playas Morrocoy Beaches and Keys

Morrocoy Beaches and Keys Morrocoy Beaches and Keys Reciente

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Morrocoy Beaches and Keys



In Falcon state, northwestern Venezuela, between the towns of Tucacas and Chichiriviche, is the National Park Tortoise. This park covers both terrestrial and aquatic areas Triste Gulf, contains a large number of islets or keys, among which are Drunk, Pelon, Sombrero, Sal,Playuela and Peraza. Tortoise beaches are spectacular. But beneath them coral and fish offer its best divers.

Punta Brava

It is the nearest beach Tucacas. This island they built a bridge, so now he can be reached by car. There is a toll Inparques. It is a very visited beach on weekends, it has few palm trees. In the lagoon there is a rental service paddle boats,kayak, chairs and awnings.

Mero Beach

It is an area that is known for its underwater scenery interesting.


It is not a fall but a beach on the mainland. However, to access it should be done by sea like all the keys. Its waters are crystal clear, it is little visited. The tourist should bring what you want to eat,as the beach does not have any service.


Cayo Sombrero

Has beautiful beaches and reefs ideal for diving. It is the largest island after Punta Brava, this fall is also a favorite for visitors. Indeed, it has two large beaches and a forest of palm trees offering natural shade. In this area you can camp,besides enjoying the delicacies with street vendors. It has two restaurants and rental of chairs and awnings.

Key Paiclá

This fall visitors can camp, has capacity to accommodate 276 people. In this sector there is no fresh water and in high seasonaccess is difficult.

Cayo Muerto

It is the nearest to the town Chichiriviche island. It has lots of palm trees. For its beautiful corals,It is a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Salt Cay

It is one of the keys where camping is allowed. It has a capacity of 364 people. It is very close to Chichiriviche. Its name derives from the lake located in the center of the key that is rich in salt.

Cayo Borracho

Access to this fall is practically impossible,because there turtle hatchery is located.


After Cayo Sombrero is the most visited island has a small restaurant, chairs and awnings. It has abundant palm trees, which allows visitors shelter from the sun's rays.


It is smaller than Playuela and in it you can enjoy a relaxing day of sun and sand. Being smaller,gives the feeling of being in an exclusive, uncluttered place.

Dry Mouth

This key is located near the town of Tucacas. It has a beautiful landscape where visitors can enjoy the tranquility and relaxation.

Playa Azul

It is a small fall. The depth of the water is not much, there are lots of corals and fish.

Cayo Pelon

It is the smallest of all the keys,Chichiriviche is opposite. There's no kind of infrastructure services, so visitors should be forewarned.

Tortoise official website: Tortoise

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Morrocoy Beaches and Keys
Morrocoy Beaches and Keys
Morrocoy Beaches and Keys
Morrocoy Beaches and Keys


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